D2L - Managing Files and Folders

Last Updated: 09/18/2013


The following documentation shows how to manage files and folders from within the Manage Files section of a D2L course. The Manage Files section can be accessed in a few different ways:

  1. Click the Edit Course link on your course navigation bar, then click the Manage Files link.
  2. If you have the Course Management widget on your homepage, click Manage Files under the Tools heading.

*Note: This documentation covers, in order, how to open a file or folder, view properties of a file or folder, sort files and folders, edit an existing HTML or TXT file, copy a file or folder, move a file or folder, rename a file or folder, delete a file or folder, unzip a file, and zip a file in Manage Files. Be sure to pay attention to the step titles to see to which topic the documentation corresponds.

This tutorial is operating system independent.

Step 1

Open a file or folder

To view a file or to open a folder in Manage Files, click on the name of the file or folder.

If a file requires specific software to open it, then you must have that software installed on your computer. For example, to open a PowerPoint file you must have Microsoft PowerPoint installed.

Step 2

View properties of a file or folder

On the Manage Files page, you can view file and folder properties such as Size, Type, and Last Modified Date. The link icon beside a file name indicates that the file is in use as a content topic.

Step 3

Sort files and folders

Click on the corresponding column header to sort files and folders ascending or descending by name, size, type, and last modified date.

Visual representation related to step 3

Step 4

Edit an existing HTML or TXT file

In the Manage Files area, locate the HTML file you want to edit.

Step 5

Click Edit File from the file's context menu.

Visual representation related to step 5

Step 6

Edit your content using the HTML Editor.

Visual representation related to step 6

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