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D2L - Manage News Items

Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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The following documentation shows a variety of ways to manage and edit existing news items.

  • Steps 1-3 show how to edit a news posting.
  • Steps 4-6 show how to reorder news postings.
  • Steps 7-8 show how to delete a news posting.
  • Step 9 shows how to delete an attachment from a news item.
This tutorial is operating system independent.

Step 1

Edit a News Posting

From the News drop-down menu click the Edit icon.

Step 2

Make your required changes.

Step 3

Click Save.

Step 4

Reorder News Postings

From the News drop-down menu click on the Reorder icon.

Step 5

Select the new position for a news item using the Sort Order drop-down. The positions of other folders or categories adjust accordingly.

Step 6

Click Save.

Step 7

Delete a News Posting

From the News drop-down menu click the Delete icon.

Step 8

Click Yes in the confirmation message.

Step 9

Delete an Attachment from a News Item

Click on the Delete icon next to the attachment you wish to delete from within the news item it is attached to. Click Update.

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