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D2L - Importing CUClicker Scores into Grade Book (Macintosh)

Last Updated: 07/28/2015
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This document demonstrates how to import i>clicker results into your D2L grade book for Macintosh users.

*Note: Before you can import i>clicker scores, you must first export your D2L course roster and set it up in i>grader. To learn about this process, please visit the D2L - Setting Up CUClickers Integration tutorial.

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):
  • MAC

Step 1

Open i>grader, then click the Sync button.

*Note: Before you can successfully Sync, you must have some polling data in order to synchronize student names with i>clicker ID numbers.

Step 2

Click on the Export icon as shown to the left.

Step 3

Select the sessions that you would like to export and then click Export.

Step 4

i>grader will notify you that it has written the export file and called it UploadFile.csv. Click the OK button.

Step 5

Log into Desire2Learn (and into your course) and go back to the Enter Grades section. Click Import.

Step 6

Click the Choose File button.

Step 7

Select the file you have exported and click Open.

Step 8

The Import File field should now contain your Uploadfile.csv. Click the check box next to Create new grade items when an unrecognized item is referenced. Click Next.

Step 9

Make sure all of the items are have the Create New Grade Item box checked and then click Continue.

Step 10

At the Step 3: New Grade Item Properties screen, make sure to select the following:

  • Category: None
  • Max. Points: Match the maximum number of points in your gradebook.
  • Can Exceed: You can choose not to set the Max. Points and then select the Can Exceed checkbox.
  • Bonus: Select if you are treating i>clicker scores as a "bonus" item in the gradebook.

Click Continue.

Step 11

At the Step 4: Errors and Warning Found screen, confirm that there are no error or warnings and click Continue.

Step 12

At the Step 5: Preview Import screen, review your imported data and select Import.

Step 13

You will be returned to the grade book, where you can see your new i>clicker scoring data has been updated.

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