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Last Updated: 08/07/2014
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The following documentation shows the process of grading an assignment that has been put into the Dropbox, given it has a grade item assigned to it.

*Note: If you wish to enter grades for all students on a single screen please refer to the Enter Grades section of the Grades homepage. However, you will not be able to see student submissions single screen page.

This tutorial is operating system independent.

Step 1

Log into your course and from the Assignments drop-down menu click Dropbox.

Visual representation related to step 1

Step 2

Click on the assignment that you would like to grade.

Visual representation related to step 2

Step 3

Click the document you wish to evaluate under the student's name and their submission will open.

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Step 4

To view any files submitted, click the document to open it. Once you have reviewed the student's submission, give the student a score and leave any feedback you wish.

Visual representation related to step 4

Step 5

Click Publish or Update, and the submission will be graded.

*Note: You have the ability to move between submissions by clicking the Next Student and Previous Student buttons located on the top of the Leave Feedback screen. Additionally, you have the ability to evaluate students who have not made a submission.

Visual representation related to step 5

Step 6

When you have finished grading all user submissions click Publish to submit the last submission and return to the dropbox screen.

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