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Last Updated: 04/28/2015
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The following documentation will show how to grade an individual post within a discussion, given the discussion has been assigned a grade item.

*Note: If you wish to enter grades for all students on a single screen please refer to the Enter Grades section of the Grades homepage. However, you will not be able to see student submissions from the single screen page.

This tutorial is operating system independent.

Step 1

Log into your course and from the Communication drop-down menu click Discussions.

Step 2

Click on the context menu of the discussion topic that you wish to grade, then click Assess.

Step 3

Click Topic Score, under the user you wish to assess.

Step 4

From the new window assign a point value next to the post (at the bottom of the window) and add any feedback if you would like.

Step 5

Check the box next to Published and then click Save and Close.

Step 6

Repeat steps 3-5 for other user posts.

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