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D2L - Creating Sections

Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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When you requested your course through MyCUInfo, if you asked that it be cross-listed with other courses or associated courses (e.g., recitations and labs), sections will be automatically created and students will be enrolled in sections based on information derived from our student information system, Campus Solutions. Sections can also be created after the start of a course by contacting the IT Service Center at 5-Help or help@colorado.edu.

The following documentation will help you to manually create sections if you prefer to manage your sections and student section assignments yourself (not the recommended option).

This tutorial is operating system independent.

*Note: TAs are not automatically assigned to sections upon course/section creation. Please refer to the Assigning Students and TAs to Sections tutorial to learn about adding TAs to course sections.

Step 1

Click Edit Course in the navigation bar.

Step 2

Click the Course Offering Information link located under the Course Administration heading.

Step 3

Check the Course has sections checkbox and click the Save button.

Step 4

Return to the Edit Course area.

Step 5

Click Sections in the Learner Management area.

Step 6

Click Create Sections.

Step 7

Select the Enrollment Type you would like for your course.

*Note: Generally # of Sections is chosen, so the number of sections can be controlled by the instructor

Step 8

Define either the Number of Sections or Number of Users.

Step 9

Click the Save button, then the sections will be created.

Step 10

The sections will be named Section # by default. To rename the sections click the section name.

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