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Last Updated: 08/18/2014
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Topics are components of modules and sub-modules. They can be links to course files, web pages, or tools in D2L. The following documentation shows how to create a new topic by creating a new link.

*Note: Topics can have start and end dates individually, but it is easier to set dates for the module which will apply for all included topics.

This tutorial is operating system independent.

Step 1

Click Content on the Navigation bar.

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Step 2

Click on the module (from the left-side menu) you wish to create a link in.

*Note: Links can be created from the full table of contents view, but it is generally easier to place/organize if you initially select your desired module.

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Step 3

Click the New drop-down menu, then select Create a Link.

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Step 4

Ih the Title text field type how you would like to link to appear, then type the desired address in the URL text field.

*Note: If you would like users to stay within D2L when users click the link, check the Open in New Window box.

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Step 5

Click the Create button.

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Step 6

Your link will be created, and the edit topic screen will appear.

If you wish to add extra conditions such as automatic completion, release conditions, add learning objectives, or rearrange the topic scroll to the bottom of the screen and make those changes.

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Step 7

Additional Note

D2L by default only loads the first 20 modules, or first 20 topics/files within a module, when viewing course files in the Content area. To see additional content, click the Load More button at the bottom of the content/module area.

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