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D2L - Add Special Access Permissions

Last Updated: 08/19/2015
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Special access permissions allow you to set different availability dates and times for specific users. For example, you could extend the deadline for users who require remedial help or who are submitting work beyond the original scope of the assignment. You can also add special access after a folder’s end date has past for users who have a legitimate excuse for missing the deadline or for users you want to submit additional material, such as planning notes or a bibliography. The following documentation will show how to set up special access permissions for a quiz or Dropbox assignment.

This tutorial is operating system independent.

Step 1

On the Restrictions tab, select either:

  • For a Dropbox item:
    • Allow everyone to access this folder, but apply special access dates for users listed below
    • Only allow access to this folder for users listed below.
  • For a Quiz (shown to the left):
    • Allow selected users special access to this quiz
    • Allow only users with special access to see this quiz

Step 2

Click the Add Users to Special Access button.

Step 3

Select the Date Availability you want for the special access users.

Step 4

Use the View By and Search For options to locate the users you want to give special access to.

Step 5

Select the boxes beside the appropriate users’ names in the grid.

Step 6

Click Add Selected (Dropbox) or Add Special Access (Quiz).

Step 7

Once you have added special access permissions for users they are listed in the Special Access section. You can edit or delete users’ special access by clicking the Edit or Delete icons beside their names.

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