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CUClickers - Macintosh Setup

Last Updated: 04/28/2015
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The CUClickers student response system utilizes a program called i>clicker to poll students and a program called i>grader to view results. You will only be downloading a .zip file that once unzipped is a folder called iclicker Mac v6.4. This folder has the i>clicker and i>grader applications —no installation process is necessary.

Version information:

  • The instructions below apply to version 6.4.1 of the i>clicker and i>grader software.

*Note: In order to work with CUClickers in your classroom you need to have your course roster file called Roster.txt in your i>clicker course folder (if integrating clickers with Desire2Learn, this file is not needed however). Visit the Download a myCUinfo Roster File page for information on downloading this file.


This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):
  • MAC

Step 1

After downloading the file, your operating system should extract the zip file to create a folder called iclicker Mac v6.4.

Step 2

Inside the folder you will see the i>clicker and i>grader programs.

  • i>clicker is the program you will use to poll your students.
  • i>grader is the program you will use to view the saved results.

Step 3

Now, double click on i>clicker.

Step 4

Click New to add your first course to i>clicker. You will need to add a course for each class that you plan on using i>clicker with.

Step 5

Enter your class information like seen to the left and click Create.

Step 6

Highlight the course and click Choose.

Step 7

The i>clicker program will open. Click on My Settings.

Step 8

The General tab will open first.

Step 9

Check that the name of your course is how you would like it, if not click Edit to change the information.

Step 10

In the Frequency Code section, set the frequency for the classroom you will be teaching in. Click here for a list of classroom frequencies.

Step 11

Click the LMS/Reg tab.

Step 12

Look at the Server URL text field, in the Web registration section. Make sure that the text field is blank.

If there is text in the field, be sure to delete it or your class data will not be recorded.

Step 13

In the Course Management System section, make sure that General (no CMS specified) is selected.

Click here if you want to use a roster from your Desire2Learn grade book or upload your results into your Desire2Learn grade book.

Step 14

While in My Settings, you can set your remaining preferences for Polling.

Step 15

And for Scoring:

Step 16

Save these settings by clicking on the Set for Course button.

Step 17

You will be returned to the main i>clicker menu. Click on the red button in the upper left hand corner to exit.

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