CUClickers - Create File to Identify Students by Remote ID on Windows

Last Updated: 05/02/2014
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This documentation shows how to create a file to identify students by Remote ID.  This feature is useful if you wish to individual clicker results anonymous and still display the class scores.

*Note: If you have downloaded a roster from myCUinfo the roster file must be synchronized with i>clicker. For more information on this process please visit the Download a Roster file tutorial.

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):

Step 1

Open i>grader.

Step 2

Click on the Reports icon, a little graph image, above the student data.

Visual representation related to step 2

Step 3

Before creating the reports i>grader will ask what student information to use. Select the Remote ID option and click the OK button.

Visual representation related to step 3

Step 4

A Report Summary window will appear. Two options will be available for viewing different reports: Term Session Summary and Review and Student Voting Data. Click these options to see the reports you created.

Visual representation related to step 4

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