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Site Licenses - IDL

Last Updated: 11/11/2015


IDL and ENVI are premier software products for data analysis, processing, and visualization. CU-Boulder has benefitted from an IDL site license since it was first developed by an alumnus in the 1980s. IDL/ENVI is now developed and sold by EXELIS Visual Information Solutions.


IDL and ENVI are available for UNIX (incl. Linux), Macintosh, and Windows computers, as listed on the EXELIS download page.

The current versions are IDL 8.5 and ENVI 5.3.


A new or upgrade license involves only a $20 service fee. See How to Get It, below. An MPEG license is an additional $15.

Who can get it

IDL/ENVI licenses (via our site license) are available for university-owned computers of the University of Colorado Boulder. Generally this means computers in the domain or used in pursuing a degree at CU-Boulder. Users are to de-install this software when they graduate or otherwise leave the campus permanently.

How to get it

First download the software from the EXELIS download page, and install it. Then send the following information to

  • SpeedType (8-digit departmental account code) to which license fee can be charged; or, personal check (contact for details)
  • Name of the computer (hostname)
  • Operating system of the computer (if Linux; laptop or desktop?)
  • Nodelocked computer license, or network license server?
  • The Host ID of the computer, a 12-character code