Site Licenses - ArcGIS Desktop and Virtual Campus

Last Updated: 05/15/2015


The Esri software product ArcGIS Desktop (previously ArcInfo) is the premier GIS product for not only viewing maps but for transforming, analyzing, manipulating and modeling geographic data.


ArcGIS Desktop

Esri Virtual Campus courses

  • Free online Esri Virtual Campus courses are available to students and faculty; see details below.


The site license for Esri ArcGIS software is provided as a common good to CU-Boulder, and no direct fees are involved for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Who can get it

  • Licenses for ArcGIS Desktop are available to faculty and staff at CU-Boulder on university-owned computers,  and for use in education and research only on personal computers.
  • Esri Virtual Campus courses are available to students as well as to faculty and staff.

How to get it

ArcGIS Desktop

  1. Download ArcGIS 10.3.1 Desktop (Faculty & Staff only; CU-Boulder username and Identikey password are required)
    • Note: If your computer has any pre-10.1 ArcGIS products installed, you must first run the Uninstall Utility.
  2. Download the ArcGIS 10.1 - 10.3 provisioning/license file. Alternatively, download it in ZIP form, then unzip/extract to get the provisioning file in correct text form.
  3. Install and license
  4. Optional: download and install patches from Esri
  5. Network License only: for license servers contact to get a special server provisioning file.

ESRI Virtual Campus Courses

  1. See the list of available courses on the Esri Virtual Courses site.
  2. Send request for specific courses (and number of users) to
  3. Access codes and instructions will be sent to you by email.

Instructions / Tutorials

Send tech support questions to, and include the OS version, Esri product version, details of the problem, commands used, error messages, etc.

The mail list GEOSPATIAL is a forum for sharing information about GIS and spatial analysis tools with others at CU, especially across departments and disciplines. To subscribe, email with the following text in the message/body: