Recommended Software and Hardware List

Last Updated: 07/30/2014


The University of Colorado Boulder is renowned for its superior Information Technology (IT) environment. CU-Boulder is achieving its goal to be among the leaders in the academic programs and computing infrastructure.

In an effort to provide guidance in the often confusing world of computing, the university provides computing recommendations for the various members of the campus community. These recommendations are intended to provide minimum specifications for a successful computing experience at CU-Boulder. To access specific recommendations, please use the list below.

Purchasing New Computers


Faculty and Staff

Using an Existing or Used Computer

If you want to use an existing or used computer on campus, OIT asks that you refer to the IT Service Center Minimum Hardware and Software Standards. This list of minimum standards communicates what the IT Service Center, including Desktop Support (Student Desktop Support Technicians), will support.

Purchasing Smartphones

If you are purchasing a smartphone to connect to OIT services, OIT recommends phones that use the following mobile operating systems: Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone. OIT provides support for connecting these three types of devices to Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, and UCB Wireless.

Additional Recommendations Information