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Microsoft Select Plus Program

Last Updated: 02/08/2016


The state of Colorado has a contract with Insight to cover the Microsoft Select Plus academic agreement.  Purchasing through this contract is optional for the University of Colorado at Boulder but for Microsoft products the pricing is very good, especially for purchasing multiple copies of software for offices or labs. The Select Program is available for all software licenses that are not covered under the Microsoft Software Campus Agreement, such as Visio, Project, or server software.

The Select Program is available for software licenses that are not covered under the Microsoft Software Campus Agreement, including Visio, Project, and server software. 

A license purchased under the Select Plus Program does not come with discs or manuals. 


Prices for Software Assurance are updated monthly; here is the latest Licensing Price List:

Purchasing a plain license lets you run the current version of that software on the computer indefinitely. Purchasing the license with Software Assurance ("License + SA") gives you the right to upgrade to newer versions of the software as they are released, without additional expense, through February 2018.

Who can get it

The Select Plus agreement covers institutional computers only, not personal computers.

How to get it

The phone number for ordering is 1-800-269-2523. To place an order, you will be asked for the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email address
  • PCard number
  • Postal address (and shipping address, if you order discs)
  • UCB Insight account number 10670205

Alternatively, contact Insight by phone or email ( to request a quote, and process it via CU M@rketplace requisition. However, this is a case where using a PCard is easier and more efficient. 

For your purchase, you receive an invoice by email. Be sure to save the invoice as proof of your purchase and your right to install/use the software. For a more formal-looking invoice, in the form of a printable PDF file (also sent by email), wait 2 days after purchase and then request it from Insight. 

You can then schedule an OIT Student Desktop Support Technician visit by calling the the OIT Service Center at 5-HELP (303-735-4357). The Student Desktop Support Technician has the necessary CDs to install the software, and will need to see your (email) invoice from Insight.

If your department requires a copy of the media (DVDs) then it must be purchased as well; a disc set costs $27 through Insight. Your IT administrator may be able to download the software from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center.

How to get product keys

Some Microsoft products may require an installation key; contact the OIT Site Licenses office, Please attach the invoice or Proof of License document. 

Microsoft software campus EES agreement

For Office and Windows, faculty and staff and departmental computers are already covered by an EES campus agreement.  The agreement also covers many CALs. Don't pay for these products unnecessarily; check out the details of the Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)

Server Licenses

Licensing for Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 will be based on the number of cores (not processors) on the physical server, as is already true for SQL Server. Clarify this if necessary before purchasing these Server licenses from Insight. 

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