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Legacy Web Publishing - Connect to the Server

Last Updated: 11/20/2015

The Account You Will Use

  • OIT will provision you a "Unix Account" on either spot.colorado.edu or rintintin.colorado.edu. This account will use your CU Login Name (the username you use with your IdentIKey password), however the password will be different than your IdentiKey. You can manually make the password be the same, if that is your preference, but the password will not synchronize with your IdentiKey automatically.
    • Change Your Password: You can change your password by logging into your account via a SSH terminal application and typing the command passwd. Or contact the IT Service Center for assistance.

Connect to the Server

General Configuration Required

The server name (as provided by OIT).

It's either:

  • spot.colorado.edu
  • rintintin.colorado.edu

Encrypted Authentication in FTP Programs

This varies between programs, but it is a selection you will have to make in most HTML editors that have built in file transfering, or in FTP programs. Look for the words SFTP or Secure FTP. Make sure that is selected.


For most www.colorado.edu websites, you will need to enter


'directory' is the name of the directory you requested through Web Central and is provided to you by OIT.

Example Connections

Below are examples of how to connect to your account and start transferring files. Your connection specifications may vary. Refer to the message you received from OIT.



Users comfortable using a command line can use PuTTY to connect to their web directory. User guides for using PuTTY can be found at http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/0.63/htmldoc/.

*Note: If you are more comfortable with a GUI, a program like CyberDuck (shown below) would be better for connecting


CyberDuck connection screenshot



Fetch Connection


Dreamweaver connection

Terminal (Mac program found in Applications > Utilities)

Upon the prompt enter this command:

ssh username@spot.colorado.edu

Enter your password.

At the spot prompt enter this command:

spot>cd /htdocs/yourdirectory