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Legacy Web Publishing

Last Updated: 07/21/2015


OIT partners with University Communications to provide campus departments or groups web space on colorado.edu to host your content. OIT also provides personal web publishing to faculty, staff, and students.


Who can get it

Departmental sites: All campus departments, units, and student groups (before a student group can request web space, they must first contact the Student Organizations Finance Office (SOFO)).

Personal sites: All faculty, staff, and students. Faculty members are encouraged to use Desire2Learn to host course web pages.

How to get it

Departmental sites

Web directory's can be requested by filling out the Web Directory Request form.

Personal sites

  1. Contact the IT Service Center to request an account.
  2. Upon account creation, login and navigate to your public_html subdirectory you should create and save a page as index.html. This will activate your website in your directory listing and it will serve as your homepage. You can now use that file to start making your web site.

Additional resources

The names "spot", "rintintin", and "legacy" all refer to the same basic web publishing service. The first two are historic names of our servers, and we have started labeling the service "legacy" after we began the development of the next generation web infrastructure.

Need more advice and clarification about web publishing services available? Request a no-cost web consultation or browse our help section.

Our Web Training and Community Manager, Kosta Tovstiadi, is available for web consultations. He can help you best address your web needs.

Service Level Commitment: 1 (departmental sites), 2 (personal sites)
Learn more about Service Level Commitments.