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Last Updated: 12/12/2016


This library showcases ways in which faculty across disciplines use VoiceThread in their classes. If you have any problems viewing these embedded VoiceThreads, login to VoiceThread with your CU username and IdentiKey password and then refresh the current page. Browse this collection for inspiration and don't hesitate to submit your course's VoiceThreads to the VoiceThread Digital Library by contacting help@colorado.edu.

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R L Widmann photo

Dr. Michael Zerella
Philosophy Instructor, Division of Continuing Education

Mike Zerella uses VoiceThread to present basic concepts and arguments in his hybrid Ethics class. The topics in this class may be confusing or controversial for many students, making it easy for them to get sidetracked before addressing the central issues. The VoiceThread format is very helpful by providing them with a clear framework for their questions and discussion, ensuring that they understand the core ideas before exploring different variations on the day’s theme. Most of the discussion happens during the in-person portion of the class, but some students enjoy posting their thoughts in the VoiceThreads themselves. This presentation covers some of the best known philosophical arguments concerning the ethics of pregnancy and abortion. Notice that on slide five, Mike switches to his “link” identity and uses text comments to provide web links to supporting material outside of VoiceThread.

R L Widmann photo

Dr. R L Widmann
Associate Professor of English, Department of English

R L Widmann uses VoiceThread in first week of her multi-section Shakespeare for Non-Majors course as an online platform through which her students can introduce themselves to the class. This VoiceThread was used in Stacey Douglass’ section of Dr. Widmann’s course. This VoiceThread is an example of a way for you to get your students to know each other in larger lecture classes.

Beth Bennet photo

Dr. Beth Bennett
Biology Instructor, Division of Continuing Education

Beth Bennett uses VoiceThread as a medium for students to explore complex lecture topics by answering questions she posts on lecture slides. She requires them to respond to at least one other student posting, thus they have a taste of a discussion on topics that are often confusing. Dr. Bennett asks them to write out their response then read it for the VoiceThread posting so they are prepared. She believes that this process serves to consolidate lecture material and forces them to re-visit and explore the topic.

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Courtney Fell photo

Courtney Fell
Spanish Instructor, Division of Continuing Education

Courtney regularly uses VoiceThread in her hybrid Spanish course as a means for her students to practice speaking and contribute their original ideas to the online discussion. Courtney uses VoiceThread for her students to learn and review grammar and vocabulary,  speak about film and literature, analyze cultural phenomena, and share their own experiences and insight.

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