Classroom Capture - FAQ

Last Updated: 01/27/2015

Faculty Related Questions

How long before I hear back from the Classroom Capture and Video Conferencing team?

Typically, you will hear back from the Classroom Capture and Video Conferencing team within 1 business day. However, depending on the type of request, the demand for the service and the timing of the request, request fulfillment may take longer.

How long does it take for a recording to be made available after it is captured?

Your recordings typically appear online within an hour of the class ending. Please contact us if they are not online after one day.

How long will the recording stay online?

Lecture and special event recordings will remain online through the semester, and students and faculty can access them through the end of finals. Upon completion of finals, requests to retain the recorded content for a longer period of time will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Call 303-735-4357 (5-HELP) or email to submit a request.

What if I use a chalkboard or laptop for a visual presentation?

The lecture capture equipment is not meant for recording chalkboard content at this time. For laptops, the recorder will capture anything on your computer screen, so if you are using a tablet computer, the recorder will capture your annotations.

Please note the frame rate on the recordings is two frames per second, so students will not see the computer image on the recording the same way they do in class.

What happens to the recording after the semester is over?

At the end of the semester, recordings are taken offline and moved to archival storage. If you need to access the recordings after the semester is over, please call 303-735-4357 (5-HELP) or email to submit a request. These requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Where can I get more information?

Contact the IT Service Center with additional questions. A member of Classroom Capture and Video Conferencing team will contact you to provide more information and determine how this service can be appropriately utilized.

Why should I use Classroom Capture?

The service can provide students with an additional resource to enhance their education and learning process by viewing lectures after they occur. This service can assist with student retention.

General FAQ

What classrooms are set up for this?

Recorders have been installed in several OIT-supported lecture halls. They are: 

  • Atlas 100
  • Benson 180
  • Biotech A104
  • Biotech A108
  • Biotech A115
  • Chemistry 140
  • Chemistry 142
  • Duane G1B30
  • Duane G130
  • Fleming 155
  • Gold Biosciences A2B70
  • Humanities 1B50
  • Math 100
  • Muenzinger E050
  • Museum Collections W100
  • Ramaley C250
  • Visual Arts Complex 1B20
  • Department Room
    • If your department has their own equipment to record classroom lectures, OIT can assist in providing a repository for captured recordings.
How does it work?

The equipment in the supported lecture halls can be pre-scheduled to automatically start and stop recording, with the option for the presenters to pause their own recordings using the touch panel controller. After the lecture is recorded, students can view presentations online using any PC or Mac. Student can control playback and focus on the content most important to them.

What software and hardware is used or needed?

Viewers will need download the latest version of Microsoft's Silverlight Player in order to access the online content.

OIT has partnered with Sonic Foundry and deployed their Mediasite products and services to enable Classroom Capture. Mediasite recorders capture, encode and synchronize content from your computer, and work especially well with presentation software such as PowerPoint. Additionally, an OIT-managed server manages the content, recorders and cameras.

Who can use this service?

Any faculty member can (and is encouraged to) use this service to complement the in-class lecture experience for students.