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Kaltura Rich Media Streaming

Last Updated: 12/09/2015


Kaltura is a rich media streaming service that supports audio and video streams.

How Kaltura is used

Desire2Learn (D2L) Integration

Kaltura has been integrated into D2L, CU-Boulder's online learning environment. This integration allows instructors and students to upload video and audio files into their D2L courses for sharing. Visit the Kaltura - D2L Integration page to learn more.

Kaltura Management Console

CU-Boulder departments or groups that need advanced control over their hosted media can work with OIT to gain access to the Kaltura Managment Console (KMC). This web-based interface provides delegated management of content to individuals within colleges, schools, departments and groups, including group based delegated administration to allow multiple people to share the management of the organization's content. Learn more.

Request Video Captioning

The Captioning service was established as a part of the campuswide Accessibility Initiative aimed at fostering an accessible campus environment. The primary focus of this service is meeting captioning needs for accommodation requests and public-facing academic content. We also provide information, consultation, and guidance for a broad-range of media and activities that may require captioning. For more information about captioning, visit the video captioning service page. To learn more about the campus standards for accessibility and captioning, please review the ICT Standards draft.

DVD to Digital Media File Conversion

If your video content is on a DVD, you will first need to convert the DVD to a digital file format before uploading it into Kaltura. If you need assistance with this process, first contact your department to see if an affiliate unit (i.e. ASSETT or ALTEC) can assist you, if not, refer to Norlin Library's Streaming Media Conversion & Upload Service.


  • Hosted streaming content with a third party service.
  • Provides capabilities to colleges, schools, departments, and groups uploading content, editing and managing rich media content.
  • Provides delegated management of the content to individuals within colleges, schools, departments and groups, including group based delegated administration to allow multiple people to share the management of the organizations content.
  • Provides integration of service with Desire2Learn.
  • Provides alternate sources to upload media.

*Note: The Kaltura service is for media that is being used on a regular basis by a course or for active collaboration, not for long term storage or archival. Inactive files will be subject to removal.

There are a number of long term storage options that you can use to store your videos.

Service Storage Size Are there fees?
Google Drive Unlimited (5 TB file maximum size) None
OneDrive Unlimited storage quota with 10 GB maximum file size None
YouTube No Limit (20 GB per video limit) None
Dropbox 2 GB free Purchase additional storage over 2 GB.

When considering long term storage options, remember to obey all state and federal laws related to using copyrighted materials. Read more about copyright and fair use.


  • A robust, reliable location to host rich media content.
  • Content available through a www.colorado.edu address.
  • A “common good” service which decreases organizational infrastructure costs, reduces administrative overhead costs, and provides an environment aligned with technology and information security standards.


The hosting service is a common good service for the campus and there is no cost to take advantage of it.

Who can get it

Faculty, staff, and students.