D2L - Scanned Test Results in the Grade Book

Last Updated: 03/13/2014


Instructors that have exam grading performed by the Testing and Assessment Center (TAC) can request that the results be placed in their Desire2Learn grade book automatically. Please read through the information below to learn how to integrate TAC results into your D2L grade book.

Integration Process

  • When you submit an exam for grading by the TAC, request that the results be added to your Desire2Learn grade book.
  • The TAC will notify you when scanning is complete. Generally, within one business day a new column with the scanned results will appear in the grade book. The grade book will not be updated instantly.
    • Note: Once your new column appears in the grade book, it will be hidden to students. If you wish to show the grade so a student can't see it, you must unhide the grade item. Please visit the Unhide Grade Item tutorial to learn how.
  • The new grade item will be labeled with the name you provided the TAC. Instructors can easily change the column name to something more descriptive. Please visit the Rename a Grade Item tutorial to learn how.

    TAC grade image

Toubleshooting Tips

Missing Grades


If any grades are missing, it is likely due to incomplete or inaccurate student identification data from the scanning sheets.  If that key information is missing, the file cannot associate a grade with any particular student. Instructors can verify this by reviewing the results file received from the TAC. If the student ID is missing, the scanned results will appear but cannot be uploaded into Desire2Learn since the identifying column is the student ID.


Instructors can manually enter these missing student grades into Desire2Learn based on the score they determine from the original file received from the TAC.

Other Issues

If you are experiencing any issues with grades, please contact the TAC: (303) 492-6700, or tacenter@colorado.edu