D2L - Adobe Connect Integration

Last Updated: 07/29/2014


D2L and Adobe Connect have integrated in order to bring the web conferencing capabilities into the Desire2Learn online learning environment. Webconferencing is available by using the Online Rooms tool within the D2L learning environment. Refer to the information below to get accustomed to using Adobe Connect within a D2L environment.


Adobe Connect has been officially replaced by Zoom for university web conferencing needs. To learn more about Zoom, please visit the Zoom - Web Conferencing page.

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Adobe Connect Help

Adobe Connect is a desktop web conference system that allows users to meet, share, and collaborate at a distance from their desktops. For more information about Adobe Connect capabilities please visit the following pages:

Accessing Online Rooms

To access a list of Adobe Connect meeting rooms available to you and to create new rooms click the Online Rooms button on the top left of your browser window when within a Desire2Learn course. It should look similar to the image below:

Visual for Online Rooms

Important Notes:

  • If you have never logged into Adobe Connect, you need to first log in to Adobe Connect (https://meeting.colorado.edu) with their Identikey credentials in order to use Online Rooms. This will register you with the Adobe Connect system.
  • To host a meeting, you need to fill out the Adobe Connect Meeting Request form. Once you recieve confirmation, you will be set up to create and host online rooms.

Rooms List

The following screenshot shows the Rooms List display that appears once you click Online Rooms.

  1. Online Room Areas: Contains a link to the Rooms List screen and to the Online Rooms tool settings.
  2. Display: You have the ability to view All Meetings, Upcoming Meetings and Past Meetings.
  3. New Room: The New Room button allows a user to create an online meeting room. For instructions on creating a room and adding participants please visit the Create an Online Meeting and Add Attendees tutorial.
  4. Rooms Display: The rooms display shows room names, start/end date and time, the join a room link, and the trash can to delete rooms.
    • Join a Room: Click the Join link for the room you wish to join.
    • Delete a Room: Click the check box next to the room you wish to delete then click the Trash Can icon.

Create a Meeting and Add Attendees

To create a new meeting room click the New Room button and add appropriate information. When creating your room you will be able to add individual attendees to a meeting or add all course participants.

For step-by-step instructions on creating a room and adding participants please visit the Create an Online Meeting and Add Attendees tutorial.

Edit a room

Prior to the web conference start time you can edit the settings of a room. Archives cannot have settings altered.

Edit a room

  1. Select Edit Room from the context menu of the room you want to modify (context menu shown below).
  2. Make your changes.
  3. Click Save.


Personal Accounts: Credentials are specific to the user. These credentials will be associated with your Identikey.


Archives are records of past meetings. Attendees can view past sessions, but they cannot join the room.

Access archives

  1. Click the name of the room from the Rooms List screen and
  2. Select the Archives tab.

  3. Click the name of the archive you want to view.

Edit Archive Visibility

  1. Access the Archives tab from the Rooms List screen.
  2. Select an archive visibility setting from the context menu:
    • Restricted Archives are only visible to attendees of the room.
    • Public Archives are visible to users in the org.
  3. Click Save.

Rather than having users access your online room, you can also insert a quicklink to an Online Room or Archive. Using D2L's Content tool a Quicklink topic can be created by selecting Online Rooms as your Quicklink category. To learn how to insert a quicklink as a Content topic please visit the Create Topics by Using a Quicklink tutorial.