D2L - Guidelines for Moving a CULearn Course

Last Updated: 04/16/2013


Desire2Learn is now the exclusive online learning tool for University of Colorado Boulder courses.  As of August 31st, 2012 CULearn is no longer available as an online learning environment. Faculty and students no longer have access to their CULearn courses.

When preparing a course in D2L, you can start from scratch in a blank D2L course or have OIT transfer your CULearn course to D2L:

Option 1: Start From Scratch

Should you build a new D2L course from the empty course shell? This would be the better choice if you have copies of the links, assignments, handouts and other documents used in CULearn. Learn how to upload your content to D2L.

CU instructor experience has been that starting from scratch is the preferred option in most cases. Requests for empty course shells will be fulfilled within two business days.

Option 2: Have OIT Transfer CULearn Content

You should request that OIT transfer content from your CULearn course into a D2L course shell if:

  • You do not have copies of the links, assignments, handouts and other documents used in CULearn
  • You are requesting course content from a semester prior to Summer 2012

You can request content be transferred from a prior course to D2L as far back as two years from the date you make the request. For example, a request for course content made during the fall 2013 semester would be able to draw on content as far back as the fall 2011 semester. 

CU instructor experience indicates that while the transfer process successfully moves all course files, it also requires additional manual steps including confirming assignment links (if any), revising due dates and other release criteria, and configuring the grade book. 

Requests to transfer course content will be fulfilled in the order received, and fulfillment may take between 7-10 business days