D2L - Differences between CULearn and D2L

Last Updated: 03/24/2014

What’s in a name?

When you access Desire2Learn (D2L) for the first time, you’ll notice that things look a bit different. Although D2L and CULearn have many tools in common, one of the first things you notice is that they are named differently.

CULearn Desire2Learn
Announcements News
Assignments Dropbox
Course Content Content
File Manager Manage Files
Goals Competencies and Objectives
Grading forms Rubrics
Mail Email
Roster Classlist
Selective Release Release Conditions
Weblinks Links
Who’s Online Pager

Some tools share the same name:

  • Blog
  • Calendar
  • Chat
  • Discussions

And one tool has been broken up. In CULearn, the Assessments tool was used to create three different assessment types: quizzes, self- tests, and surveys. In D2L, each assessment type is a different tool – the Quizzes Tool, Self Assessments Tool, and Surveys tool.

While similar, there are some differences in how the tools work. For example, to create Learning Modules in D2L, use the Content Tool. Also, a Media Library that you can create in CULearn can be created in multiple ways using the Content, Links, or Glossary tool in D2L.

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