Desire2Learn - Version 10.3 Upgrade Information

Last Updated: 03/11/2015


Desire2Learn upgraded to version 10.3 on August 16, 2014. Feature improvements and fixes to D2L's usability and functionality were made to enhance instructor and student experiences. Review the information below for details on the changes.

Improvements for All

Content Tool

  • Table of Contents User Interface: Graphic design and layout changes were made to topic/activity pages to make them consistent with the Table of Contents view, and to provide visual separation between the main content/activity and the properties and information associated with it.
    Discussions screenshot

Discussion Tool

  • Discussions User Interface Improvements:
    • Discussions List: The new Discussions List presents information about your topics in a compact and easy- to-scan format. Quickly scan down the columns to see which topics have unread or unapproved posts, and dive into the conversation with a single click.
    • Hide All Topics: For courses with a very large number of forums and topics, there is now a "Hide All Topics" option which allows you to hide all the topics in your course so you only need show topics you care about at a particular time.
      Discussions screenshot
  • Sort by Rating: Use the Highest Rated Thread sort option in the topic to show popular questions or answers at the top of the page.

For Instructors

Content Tool

  • Content Updated Notifications: Instructors can now notify students of changed content when they update or change a file from Content.

Discussion Tool

  • Discussion Participation Improvements:  You can now force students to create a thread before being able to read and reply to other student’s posts at the forum level, which will then apply to all topics within that forum. This is great when you are making use of group topics - now the option only has to be set once, rather than on each topic individually.
  • Statistics Improvements: Discussion statistics now calls out the number of threads a student has created and replied to separately.
  • Discussion Post Ratings: You can set discussion post ratings on a per-topic basis, rather than for the entire course.
  • New Rating Schemes: One that allows the class to vote posts up and down, giving each post a cumulative score, and another that allows the class to only vote posts up as a way to show agreement or approval. In both, your vote displays along with the cumulative score for that post. You can also configure it to show only your vote for cases where you don’t want students to see the cumulative score. To make it easier for you to use these new rating schemes, you can set a default rating scheme in Discussions Settings that apply for all newly created topics and any topics imported to the course without a rating scheme set. If you wish to change the rating scheme in the middle of a discussion, you are free to do so, and all rating data is preserved in case they decide to switch back. Discussion statistics will include information about the number of votes Up or Down a forums and topic has received.

Classlist Tool

  • Email Classlist: The "Email" button in Classlist has been renamed to "Email Classlist" to better reflect the corresponding action.

Dropbox Tool

  • Evaluate Empty Submission: It is now possible to evaluate a student from Dropbox even if no submission was made to the dropbox folder.


  • Role Switch Added: The Role Switch functionality has been moved from the Role Switch widget to the profile drop-down menu in the Minibar.

For Students

Content Tool

  • Integrated Dropbox Functionality: Now students submitting to a dropbox folder from the Content Tool can access the dropbox folder’s evaluation rubrics before submission, and also access completed rubrics after their evaluations are published.