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CUClickers / iclickers - Known Issues

Last Updated: 11/04/2015


Listed below are known issues with CUClickers and the iclicker student response system . If the suggested workarounds do not help you, or if you are having any issue at all, contact the IT Service Center (303-735-4357, 5-HELP from on-campus, or

Error Message Appears on Base Station

  • Impact: The latest version of the iclicker software (version 6.2.0, released August 2012) causes a false error message to appear on base stations.
  • Resolution: As this message produces a false error, faculty can ignore it and the software will still function correctly. If you wish not to see this error, you can download iClicker version 6.1.6 here:

Duracell Battery Issues

  • Impact: Duracell AAA batteries will not work reliably in some older iclicker remotes. Duracell batteries have a slightly different shape than other brands of batteries that make them marginally shorter. This causes a small amount of room for the battery to move around, which breaks the connection with the iclicker.
  • Resolution: Use another brand of battery and the problem should not occur. If you are still having power issues with your iClicker contact the IT Service Center.

Two Base Stations on the Same Frequency Issue

  • Impact: Don't use two base stations on the same frequency in the same classroom.  They will interfere with one another. Students may see the red LED light indicating an uncounted vote, depending on which base station first recieved the signal. The vote will most likely be counted, but students may be concerned that their vote doesn't register.
  • Resolution: Only power one base station at a time in any given classroom.

Using i>clicker for Windows on Microsoft Surface Pro

  • Impact: When a user applies the Windows Microsoft Surface Pro August 2013 update, the i>clicker base stations no longer record responses from i>clicker remotes. Although the remotes are receiving green lights indicating a successful vote, the submission is not recorded.
  • Workaround: OIT continues to work with i>clicker to find a workaround for this problem; however, the only workarounds currently known are to either refrain from running any Windows updates for the Microsoft Surface Pro, or run i>clicker on a separate computer.

Using i>clicker with OS-X-Mavericks 10-9

  • ImpactWith the release of OS X Mavericks (10.9), Apple introduced a new feature called App NapApp Nap helps your computer run more efficiently by slowing down applications that don't appear to be active. Because of the way i>clicker runs in the background while you present, the operating system causes the application to run slowly, and may cause significant lag time when trying to reinitiate the poll using the instructor remote.
  • ResolutionApple allows you to disable App Nap for individual applications. Here's how:
  1. Navigate to your i>clicker Mac folder.
  2. Control+click on the i>clicker Application. From the drop-down menu, select Get Info. 
  3. Check the box for Prevent App Nap, found under the General section of Get Info.
  • Click here to see pictures with the tutorial steps.