Classroom Capture Help - Recording a Lecture or Event

Last Updated: 08/27/2013

Recordings automatically start and stop

Recordings are set to automatically start and stop. Recordings begin one minute before and stop one minute after the scheduled time.

How to manually pause or stop a recording

The classroom touch panel has a Pause button. If you choose not to record an entire session, simply hit the Pause button. Press the Resume button to continue recording.Image showing how to pause a lecture

Using computers and tablets

The recorder will capture anything on your computer screen, so if you are using a tablet computer, the recorder will capture your annotations.  However, please note the frame rate on the recordings is two frames per second, so students will not see the computer image on the recording the same way they do in class.

Using the chalkboard

Ideally, this service is not meant for recording chalkboard content. However, OIT is continuing to explore techniques to record chalkboard content.

Can I play/use copyrighted material?

This issue is currently being discussed with University Counsel.