Technology Equipped Classrooms

Last Updated: 11/06/2013


OIT maintains over 100 technology classrooms. Each technology classroom and lecture hall contains at minimum a DVD, overhead projector, video projection unit (TV or data projector), and UCB Wireless. Classroom sizes range from 12 to 375 seats. To gain access to the media equipment in each room, order a key below.


  • TVs and VCR/DVD players. 
  • Projection Screens and Overhead Projectors
  • Video/Data projectors
  • Sound Systems
  • Smart computing labs
  • Classroom Support


  • Enhance your teaching with the use of technology
  • Engage students in new ways
  • Present media in various formats
  • Master media cabinet keys work in many rooms all over campus


Technology Equipped Classrooms are provided as a common-good to the campus which means there is no direct cost to you or your department.

Who can get it

Faculty, Staff and Teaching Assistants can order equipment, master media cabinet keys, and special keys to access these services. Classroom support is also available to those who need extra help.

How to get it

Master Media Cabinet Keys

In order to receive a Media Cabinet Key, please contact your local Computer Support Representative and be ready to provide the room number for which the key is needed. Please visit the Computer Support Representatives (CSRs) - Lookup page to find your dedicated CSR.

Special Keys

There are some rooms on campus that have special access requirements for the media closets or projection booths, and as a result need a specific key. Master keys will not work on these media cabinets or booths.

  1. Go to the Special Key order form to review the list of rooms and make your key request.

Classroom Support

Classroom Support, through the IT Service Center does the following:

  • Supports campus cable television.
  • Creates, maintains and supports campus technology classrooms and lecture halls.
  • Provides television services in classrooms.
  • Provides engineering support for campus television studios.
  • Provides audiovisual and multimedia equipment support to clients using technology classrooms and lecture halls.
  • Provides CUClickers support.

If your college or school has a designated Academic Technology Consultant (ATC), ask for a consultation.

Technology Equipped Classroom's Service Level Commitment: 2
Learn more about Service Level Commitments.