Student Printing and Scanning - Student Print Quota

Last Updated: 02/20/2014


As part of the Student Computing Fee charged each semester, students receive a set amount of campus cash on their Buff OneCard to use toward printing from any SPS managed printer and release station.

Student quota is based on the amount billed to a student for the Student Computing Fee each semester.

  • 6 or less credit hours per semester: $4.50 in quota for the semester
  • 7 or more credit hours per semester: $9.00 in quota for the semester

This amount will is added to a cardholder account within 2 business days of the fee being uploaded to the University Bill.

Unused quota will carry over from the fall to spring semester. Unused quota will be cleared from the cardholder’s account one week after the Spring commencement.

The quota for free prints is funded proportionately from student fees, based on previous year’s funding for printing on campus. Historically, these funds have been derived from fees in the fall and spring only, and none of the summer session fees were so directed.

If you need help, have questions, problems, or concerns contact the IT Service Center.

Add Funds to your Buff OneCard

Students can add value to their accounts at the Campus Card Office, at a Value Transfer Station (VTS), or by visiting the Online Card Office.