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Laptop Checkout - Guidelines

Last Updated: 04/08/2014

Below is a list of guidelines and instructions for users of these laptops. Please read these carefully as they provide important information about using the laptops as well as your responsibilities and obligations.

  • When checking out a laptop, inspect it carefully for damage and to verify that it is operating correctly before leaving the checkout desk. Report any issues you find immediately to desk staff. Any issues not noted at checkout become your responsibility and you will be assessed the costs necessary to repair them.
  • Please take reasonable care when using the laptops. Avoid physical mishandling and keep food and drink away from them. Avoid touching the screen with any object harder than a finger tip. The computers will be inspected upon their return to the checkout desk and you will be responsible for any damage not reported at checkout.
  • Do not leave the laptop unattended, even for brief periods of time. Not only will this help prevent the loss of the laptop, but it will also help prevent the loss of your work and private information.
  • The checkout period for laptops is two hours but you may experience a loss of battery power before that time. Battery life is affected by screen brightness, disk usage, network usage, and application needs among other things. Save your work often and watch for warnings of low battery charge.
  • Laptops must be returned to the checkout desk before it closes. Please check with desk staff if you are uncertain of those times. Under no circumstances may laptops be kept overnight or beyond the two hour checkout period. Failure to return the laptop on time will cause the full replacement cost to be assessed and, depending on the circumstances, may cause the laptop to be reported as stolen.
  • Save your work often when working with the laptops. You can used USB Flash drives or other external drives with these computers. Additionally, you can save your work to writeable CD or DVD media. Do not rely on the computer's hard drive for saving your files.