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Last Updated: 02/13/2014

Digital Signage Hosting Options

Option 1: Self Hosting

If you would like retain absolute control of your digital display (DS) network by having it self contained within your department, than Option 1 is for you. With Self Hosting, you will maintain your own XML data base. Sign management is accomplished via Content Manager, a robust desktop based (PC) drag-n-drop DS content management tool. Learn more...

Option 2: Central Hosting

If you would like to remotely access your DS network to make standard content up-dates, than Option 2 is for you.  With Central Hosting, your data base and FTP server are remotely hosted by Four Winds Interactive, and accessible via Content Manager Express (PC/Mac), a web based content management tool.  Full template manipulation is also available via a remote desktop access of Content Manager (PC), a more robust drag-n-drop development tool. Learn more...

Contact Campus Customers

Four Winds Digital Signage already has a university presence and many customers on campus. If you would like to contact others who have installed digital signage around campus and ask about their experience, contact

Digital Signage Request Form

If interested in Four Winds digital signage, fill out the service request form to work with Four Winds to fit your specific needs and to get access to their help resources.

Four Winds Digital Signage Resources

For users who have filled out the service request form, CU-Boulder provides the the neccessary software to begin using Four Winds Digital Signage. Visit the Four Winds resources page to learn more.

System Requirements

In order to run Four Winds digital signage you computer hardware needs to meet certain requirements. Please visit the system requirements page for more information on requirements and recommendations for computer hardware.