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Wired Internet - Network Registration

Last Updated: 09/06/2016

Please Note:

The CU-Boulder campus network registration service is being upgraded. The rollout of the new network registration process is happening in phases across the campus on both the wired and wireless networks. Learn more on the Network Registration project page.

Guest Registration

If you are registering a University guest or visitor using your IdentiKey, be aware that you are accepting responsibility for that person's use of the network, and you will be contacted in the event of any network misuse. On the registration web page, there is a separate place to enter the computer owner's name. We recommend that your guests use our Guest Wireless system.

UMC DHCP Registration

Once per year, each networked device using DHCP on the wired network in UMC must be registered by a University affiliate with an IdentiKey (combination of CU login name and IdentiKey password).

Devices Not Using DHCP

Any devices which use assigned static IP addresses are already registered in the campus DNS database and do not need to be re-registered. If you have a static IP Address assigned to any of your network printers, servers or workstations, it is recommended that you visit http://hippo.colorado.edu/ipchange/ipchange.cgi to verify and update the DNS records.