VPN - Tips and Tricks

Last Updated: 04/08/2014


General troubleshooting tips for Network Connect and Custom VPN services are detailed below.

Additional troubleshooting tips are also available for Cisco VPN services for Mac and Windows.

Network Connect

Check Java

  • Make sure you have the most current version of Java loaded.
  • Verify your version of Java.

I don't see Network Connect, but I do see a line that says "Host Checker Not Required"

  • You may have an incorrect bookmark, or you may have attempted to access the VPN by starting to type cuvpn.colorado.edu in your address bar but selected a longer address recommended by your browser.
  • You should only access the VPN by opening https://cuvpn.colorado.edu. This is the address that should be specified in any bookmark you've made for the VPN.

Custom VPN

I tried to access my custom VPN but got the standard version

  • Make sure to press Enter, or the "Go" button, in the "Sign In" line of Network Connect after entering the custom VPN URL. Network Connect acts like a mini-browser to get to the actual sign-in page, and you have to tell it to go to the URL before you can login there.
  • Read more about connecting to the network with a Custom VPN.