VPN - Advanced Users and Server Administrators

Last Updated: 04/11/2014


The following information is applicable only to Advanced Users of campus VPN services and/or Server Administrators.

Cisco VPN Limited Service

The Cisco AnyConnect client can also connect to a limited service that OIT provides. This service will only route your network traffic to the campus when you access campus resources such as file shares and servers.

  • Limited: You will not have access to UCB Libraries' partner resources from other institutions.
  • To use:  Open the Cisco AnyConnect client and enter vpn.colorado.edu/limited in the VPN: text field.

IP Ranges for server administrators

Admins only: OIT offers VPN service in three flavors. Please adjust your systems for the following IP ranges.

Web-interface VPN:

Faculty, staff, and students using the web interface (https://cuvpn.colorado.edu/limited for web interface only) can get an address of or (depending on which node of the cluster is active). Web Interface for Limited included in the Network Connect Limited range below.

This includes all functions available from the web interface: file access, Remote Desktop/SSH access, and web browsing.

Cisco VPN Standard:

  • –
  • Alternate Notation:

Cisco VPN Limited:

  • –
  • Alternate notation:

Network Connect Standard:

  • –
  • Alternate notation: and

Network Connect Limited:

  • –
  • Alternate notation:

Campus-wide VPNs including Cisco, Juniper and Customs: