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UCB Wireless - Help

Last Updated: 09/06/2016

Please Note:

Any department, group, or individual wishing to deploy wireless access points must contact OIT per the
Wireless Deployment and Management Policy. Personal Wi-Fi access points are prohibited in the residence halls.

Accessing UCB Wireless

CU-Boulder's wireless network can be identified by the SSID (or Network Name) "UCB Wireless." OIT recommends that you choose UCB Wireless as your wireless network when you are on campus.

IP Address Range for UCB Wireless

The IP range for UCB Wireless is

When on-campus wireless clients try to reach off-campus Internet services, both old and new private IP addresses are translated (using Network Address Translation, or NAT) to public IP addresses of or Off-campus service providers may need this address range.

Support Area Description
Laptops - Connect to UCB Wireless Connecting to UCB Wireless with a laptop only requires a few steps, which are detailed in this section.
Mobile Devices - Connect to UCB Wireless Mobile devices with Wi-Fi capabiliies (e.g., Apple's iPhone or iPad, and most smartphones running Android OS, Palm OS, and Blackberry) can connect to UCB Wireless.
Gaming Systems - Connect to UCB Wireless Connect your gaming device by selecting UCB Wireless from your devices available networks.
UCB Wireless Security Wireless network security is a serious issue. This section summarizes what you need to know about wireless network security.

UCB Guest Wireless

The wireless network is available to guests of the CU-Boulder campus.  Find out more about UCB's Guest Wireless services.