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UCB Wireless - Tips and Tricks

Last Updated: 09/23/2015


If you are having difficulty connecting to UCB Wireless or you are experiencing slowness, the following steps may help you.

The wireless signal is weak (or nonexistent)

Know that, although UCB Wireless is almost everywhere on campus, there are areas where the signal is not as strong or doesn't exist. Try moving to another area to see if you can pick up a signal or improve the signal's strength.

My connection is slow

If your connection is slow no matter where you are, try updating your wireless driver. It is highly recommended that everyone periodically check their wireless card vendor's website for driver updates. Download and install new drivers as instructed.

A slow connection might also be caused by a number of interference sources. For a list of these sources please visit the UCB Wireless Interference Sources page.

I'm having problems with my browser while trying to attach to the network.

Clearing a web browser's cache can correct problems you may be having with your web browser while on the CU-Boulder network. See the referenced tutorials below for platform-specific instructions for clearing your web browser's cache.