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Last Updated: 11/19/2015

Use Your IdentiKey

Office 365 utilizes our campus Active Directory (AD), which is automatically synchronized with your CU Login Name and IdentiKey password.

Account Provisioning and Information

Faculty and Staff

New faculty, staff, and officer/professional positions will have an exchange account automatically provisioned. After receiving an IdentiKey, an Exchange account will generally follow for new users within one business day. If a new employee has a previous IdentiKey or Google account, they should contact the IT Service Center, to have an Exchange account created.

Departments need to inform OIT when a faculty or staff member leaves the university in order to terminate the account. Similarly, if the faculty or staff member transitions to a retiree, alumnus or another university affiliation, notify OIT and the account will be terminated and the individual provisioned a Google account. 

Student Employees

Student employees may use their previously assigned primary Google account for email and calendaring, but the department may request a secondary account to take advantage of the calendaring and tasks features, as well as isolate work related messages onto a separate account that can be terminated when the student employee leaves the department. To request a secondary Exchange account for student employees, the student's supervisor should contact the IT Service Center and provide the student's CU Login Name.

Since the account is owned by the student, it will be up to them to let OIT know when the account is no longer needed. If there is an emergency termination of an account, the student's supervisor can request that the account be terminated and reassigned to the supervisor, if appropriate.

Sponsored Affiliates

In most instances, campus affiliates that are classified as a "Person Of Interest" (POI) by Human Resources, receive a Google account. A department's human resources liaison should be able to tell you if an account has been issued. Departments can request an Exchange account for the POI by contacting the IT Service Center.

Group Accounts

Faculty and staff can request a secondary account to be used for a group or a generic email address for a department. Contact the IT Service Center with the Primary owner's name, and a desired CU Login Name (up to eight alphabetic characters) to create the account.

Secondary accounts are assigned to one primary owner. If this person leaves the department, university, or no longer should be the owner of the account, contact OIT to request an ownership change.

Resource Accounts

Resources are accounts made specifically for rooms, equipment or other shared property within a department. Visit the Resource Accounts page for information on creating and using resource accounts. 

Quota Levels and Message Size Limit

All Office 365 Outlook Web App accounts are by default assigned 50GB. Visit the Check Mailbox Usage tutorial for instructions on how to check your mailbox's remaining capacity. Email Messages in Office 365 are limited to 150MB. If you need to send files exceeding 150MB, OIT recommends the following: