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Exchange - Resource Accounts

Last Updated: 09/23/2015


Resource accounts are typically used for projectors, conference rooms, or other shared objects within a department. The AutoAccept feature allows calendar invites to be automatically accepted if there are no scheduling conflicts. Double-booking of resources is available, but not set by default. Only Exchange users can view the calendars for resource accounts. Also, permissions can be added so that only certain users can add events.

Resource Account Owners ('Delegates')

Request a resource account

How to make a request

Send a message to with the following information.

  • The name of a delegate (person to accept or decline invitations if necessary). The delegate is the owner of the resource and will also have full mailbox permissions and can set resource scheduling options. If you would like the delegate to be a security group, then you will need to provide an additional person to act as the owner of the account -- owners cannot be security groups.
  • A display name. Craft the appropriate display name by using the format guide found on the Resource Display Name Format page.
  • The format should be determined by the type of resource and looks like: [CampusDepartmentCode] [ResourceType]: [ResourceName] [- RoomLocation]
  • A login name. This can be the same as display name if you'd like.

An OIT specialist will create the account and get in touch with you once it's created.

Please note that OIT will not add additional (individual) permissions on the calendar. The resource delegate will have full mailbox rights to the resource and can set additional permissions as necessary.

To learn more about how to successfully work with and as a delegate please visit the delegates best practices and recommendations page.

Customize a resource account with Internet Explorer

Required for customization: Outlook Web Access through Internet Explorer on a Windows system.

Customize the resource account

Once the account has been created, the delegate can customize the settings. By default, all resources will be set to auto-accept meetings. This can be changed using Outlook Web App through Internet Explorer on a Windows system.

Possible settings:

  • Resource Scheduling Options (conflicts, reminders, recurrences, etc).
  • Resource Scheduling Permissions (everybody can schedule, only select users or groups).
  • Resource Privacy Options (customize the kind of information that is displayed in events)
  • Response Message (write a custom response message that gets sent to those that schedule the resource).

To change the settings, the delegate needs to:

  1. On a Windows system, open Internet Explorer and go to
  2. Log in with the delegate's primary CU Login Name and IdentiKey password.
    Visual representation related to step 2Click image to view larger version.
  3. In the top right corner, click on the down arrow next to the delegate CU Login Name.
    Visual representation related to step 3Click image to view larger version.
  4. The Open Other Mailbox menu will expand. Type in the resource name and click Open. If there are similar resource names, a list will display that you can choose from.
    Visual representation related to step 4Click image to view larger version.
  5. The resource's account will open in a new window. Make sure that you allow pop-ups for this service.
    Visual representation related to step 5Click image to view larger version.
  6. By default the Inbox for the resource account will open. Click on the Options button.
    Visual representation related to step 6Click image to view larger version.
  7. In the Options panel on the left, select Resource Settings.
    Visual representation related to step 7Click image to view larger version.
  8. A menu of options opens where you can customize your resource to meet your needs. Once you're done making changes, click Save.
    Visual representation related to step 8Click image to view larger version.
  9. After you've Saved your options, click Log Off.
    Visual representation related to step 9Click image to view larger version.
  10. Your primary account should still be open in a separate window. If you're done, click Log Off.

Inviting, Viewing and Reserving a Resource

  • To reserve a resource (like a conference room for a meeting), invite the resource the same way you would when you invite your colleagues.
  • Opening a resource calendar in Outlook, Entourage, or iCal is the same as opening a colleagues' calendar or folder. If the resource calendar is available for you to see, you will be able to open it.
  • In most instances, resource accounts begin with the department name and contain the building name.