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Exchange - Faculty and Staff Accounts

Last Updated: 07/20/2015

Faculty and Staff

New Faculty and Staff Exchange accounts

New employees include faculty and staff or officer/professional positions as declared in HRMS that do not have a current, active Identikey or UCB email account.

  • Faculty and Staff who do not already have an Identikey
    • Exchange accounts are automatically provisioned. Once a new employee receives an Identikey, an Exchange account will generally follow within one business day.
  • Faculty and Staff who already have a previous Identikey
    • If a new employee has a previous Identikey or a Google account, then an Exchange account will not be automatically provisioned. You will have to contact the IT Service Center 303-735-4357 (5-HELP) or to have an Exchange account created.

Quota levels

  • 1GB default. Additional space can be requested in 500MB increments. Visit the Storage Space page to learn more.

Account termination

  • Leaves the university
    • Departments need to inform OIT when a faculty or staff member leaves the university and then OIT will terminate the account.
  • Becomes a retiree, alumnus, or other university affiliation
    • If the faculty or staff member transitions to a retiree, alumnus, or another university affiliation, notify OIT and the Exchange account will be terminated and the person will be provisioned a Google account.