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Email Lists

Last Updated: 10/10/2016


  • Administrative E-memo:  individual message which can be sent to specifically targeted groups. This service is administered by University Communications (for faculty/staff e-memos) and the Registrar's Office (for student e-memos).
  • CU-Boulder Today: CU-Boulder's electronic newsletter captures campus news, important announcements, campus events and the stories that inform our campus conversation.
  • Buff Bulletin Board: A site that is a listing of notices, training/seminars, jobs, campus services and events.
  • Email List Manager: list management software powered by Sympa that allows users to subscribe and share messages with other subscribers. Email List Manager has replaced the previous ListProc service.
  • Course Roster Email:  portal-based email mechanism which allows a faculty member to send an email to all students registered for his/her class.
  • Exchange Distribution Lists: Exchange-based capabilities including AD group mailing lists, security permissions, and group invitations to calendar events.
  • Google Groups: Google provides distribution list capability through the Groups app.

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Email List manager, Course Roster Email , and the Buff Bulletin Board are provided as common-good services to the campus which means there is no direct cost to list owners or list subscribers.

Administrative E-memos do have a charge associated with them, paid for by the department or individual sending the message. There is no subscription fee charged to readers of the Administrative E-memos.