Last Updated: 09/26/2014


ListProc is list processing software that allows list subscribers to share messages on email lists that are managed by the specific list owners.  These shared email lists are created in order to send information and/or have discussions among members of a particular group or community.  OIT maintains the campus list processor at CU-Boulder serving thousands of active discussion and informational lists with close to 200,000 list subscribers in total.


  • Ability to create lists specific to a wide variety of owner-created topics or discussion groups.
  • Owner-managed (owner must be affiliated with CU-Boulder).
  • Many configuration options available for list management.
  • Each list can have up to 200 subscribers.
  • Subscribers can designate whether to receive individual emails from a list or receive emails in digest form.

The table below compares ListProc, Google Groups and Exchange Distribution Lists features.

Feature ListProc Google Groups Distribution Lists
Mailing List Yes Yes Yes
Active Directory Access Control No No Yes
Owner/manager can subscribe or unsubscribe users Yes Yes Yes
User can subscribe/unsubscribe Yes Optional No
Moderated Optional Optional No
Daily digest capability Optional Yes No
Restricted to users with IdentiKeys No No Yes


ListProc is provided as a common-good service to the campus which means there is no direct cost to list owners or list subscribers.

Who can get it

Anyone affiliated with CU-Boulder may request a list. Subscriptions to lists can be open (i.e., anyone can subscribe directly to a list) or owner-approved (i.e., the list owner must review and approve each subscription request).

For assistance, contact the IT Service Center.