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Administrative E-memo

Last Updated: 09/06/2016

Administrative E-memos can be used to send one message to the entire campus or to targeted campus affiliations such as Students, Classified Staff, Instructors, Researchers, etc. You should allow two business days for processing.


  • Handles messages up to approximately one page long.
  • Can send to all campus affiliates or can be targeted to students, specific employement classifications such as researchers, deans, chairs, classified staff or even custom or sub-audiences.
  • Can be set up in advance to be delivered on a specified date.
  • Costs can be charged to a campus Speedtype.

Related Policies

  • Use of Faculty/Staff Electronic Memo System
  • Student E-Memo Policy
  • E-Memos must:
    • Originate from a university entity, such as a department or student group, and may not be sent on behalf of an outside group, organization, or individual.
    • Concern university business only; no personal or commercial correspondence is permitted.
    • Not concern fund raising nor solicit funds.
    • Not promote political or religious viewpoints.


See the Administrative E-memo webpage for detailed information about the cost of this service.

Who can get it

All messages sent via the Campus E-memo System must originate from within the university, and messages for large audiences must be approved by a Vice Chancellor or their designee.

How to get it

Go to the Administrative E-memo webpage.