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Identity and Access Management

Last Updated: 10/04/2016
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(Authentication Services)

Students, faculty, staff, graduates, retirees and POIs.

Other customers including sponsored affiliates and campus participants from groups and organizations doing work with or on behalf of CU-Boulder

  • Your key to online campus resources like Portal systems, email services, UCB Wireless, and CU-Boulder's learning management systems.
  • An IdentiKey represents a personally identified account.  It authenticates you, granting access to University of Colorado and University of Colorado Boulder computing resources according to your relationships with the university.
Identity Manager All University of Colorado Boulder community members  and affiliates with a CU-Boulder IdentiKey
  • Activate your IdentiKey accounts
  • Change your password and security questions
  • Choose your display name
  • Manage your email addresses 
  • Activate non-primary accounts
Federated Identity Service Access to federated sites is defined by the service providers.
  • Provides a single sign-on session for all services that are using Federated Identity Service.
Enterprise Access Management (Grouper) Faculty, staff, and student employees who have been provided access to the tool.
  • Access to automated groups, such as departments, job codes, affiliation, and description to create composite groups that can be catered to your access needs.
  • Management of Exchange Distribution Lists
One-Time Password Authentication Research staff and faculty with permission to access the CU Research Computing resources.
  • Authenticator displaying a new password every 30 seconds and a Web-interface for login using user name, PIN and one-time password.
Conference Access & Services CU-Boulder faculty and staff can request additional access beyond UCB Guest Wireless for conference attendees.
  • Access to additional services (such as lab use, printing services, etc.) are available upon request.
CUAccess New sites are no longer accepted for this service
  • Provides authentication and authorization support for web sites and web applications.

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University human resource and student policies and practices are related to this service area. As well as, administrative Policies and campus policies related to information technology, particularly security and appropriate use policies.