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Unix Account Policy

Last Updated: 11/04/2015

Affiliated faculty, staff, and students receive email service via Google or Exchange, which uses the IdentiKey system.

Other accounts on particular OIT Unix machines may be requested by CU-Boulder faculty, staff, and students for any bona fide purpose related to their work or studies at CU-Boulder. Accounts will not be granted for commercial purposes. The requester will be required to state the purpose for which the account is to be used.

Once an account is created for a given person, it remains active for the duration of that person's affiliation with CU-Boulder, assuming the account is actively being used. For students, CU-Boulder-affiliation normally terminates upon graduation (or withdrawal). For faculty and staff, affiliation normally ends upon termination of employment. An affiliation check is run against all accounts once per semester, usually about mid- semester. A mail message is sent to the user and a message is displayed when the user logs in, announcing a two-week grace period before the account is removed.

The policy stated above represents OIT's normal mode of operation. However, OIT reserves the right to remove an account from a given machine whenever the machine's resources are needed for more urgent purposes. Two-week notice of such removal will be posted on the machine in question.

Accounts may be revoked at any time by OIT if computing privileges are abused. Consult the Acceptable Use of CU-­Boulder’s IT Resources policy for further information.