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Host-based Intrusion Detection Software (HIDS)

Last Updated: 09/06/2016
  • Host-based intrusion detection software is required on all highly confidential data servers and recommended for all Internet facing servers.
  • OIT provides two no-cost solutions:
    • Tripwire Enterprise software, license, and training:
      • Windows, Linux, and Unix servers
    • OSSEC resources and training:
      • Macintosh OS X server
    • OIT recommends these solutions and will provide the best level of support for customers who use Tripwire Enterprise or OSSEC.
    • OIT will provide server administrators with a Tripwire Enterprise license after the server administrator attends a training session, conducted on-campus by IT Security.
  • Server administrators can use an alternative solution.


OIT provides two no-cost solutions (Tripwire and OSSEC).

Who can get it

Host-based intrusion detection software (HIDS) is to be installed and used by the server administrator.

How to get it

Attending a no-cost training session facilitated by IT Security is required to acquire the software and support for both Tripwire Enterprise and OSSEC. These trainings will give you a security refresher, general information about HIDS, and instructions for how to acquire site licenses and help. Contact the IT Security Office to sign up for IT Security training.