File Transfer, Storage, and Infrastructure

Last Updated: 04/08/2014


OIT provides various options for storing and sharing files. Review the options below to learn more.

Service Who May Get It Features
UCB Files Storage Faculty, staff, and student employees
  • Individual file storage spaces
  • Group file storage spaces for collaboration
  • Revision history available on files
Large File Transfer Service Faculty and staff
  • Effortlessly send files up to 20GB in size
  • Secure, confidential file delivery to any email address
  • Receive automatic notification of file receipt and download
  • Track all file deliveries
  • Simple web interface
Host-based Intrusion Detection Software Server administrators
  • Host-based intrusion detection software is required on all private data servers and recommended for all Internet facing servers.
  • OIT provides two no-cost solutions: Tripwire for Windows, Linux and Unix servers. OSSEC for Macintosh.


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