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Dedicated Desktop Support

Last Updated: 12/09/2015


Dedicated Desktop Support provides proactive management of personal computing systems and the use of those systems to access other IT services.


  • Support includes recommendation, specification, installation, testing, and troubleshooting of computer systems and peripherals within established campus standards/policies and industry best practices.
  • Professional assistance includes timely troubleshooting, on location, to diagnose and resolve unique, non-recurring issues within a 4-hour response time, often responding within 30 mins.
  • Dedicated Desktop Support clients access the service through the Dedicated Desktop Support Service Request Portal at, which allows the client to quickly and easily notify their support team of the issue and level of urgency. If the primary technician is unavailable or assisting another client, other technicians from the team can quickly respond.
  • Dedicated Desktop Support has a spare computer program so, in the event of a hardware failure a spare computer will be provided until the computer can be repaired and returned. 
  • All new software installations and updates go through a change management process including multiple testing configurations by technicians on different hardware to minimize the number of errors on the user’s computer.
  • The desktop support technicians understand and comply with campus security policies. They help the computer owners understand the security policies and how to safeguard or remediate sensitive data.
  • Desktop Support technicians are professionally certified with Microsoft and Apple and receive training other areas to include Active Directory, PGP, and SCCM.

Visit the Dedicated Desktop Support FAQ page to learn more about services provided, Dedicated Desktop Support teams, and much more.

Dedicated Desktop Support Provides:

  • On-Site Trouble Shooting
  • Software Installation
  • Operating System Installation
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Desktop Support provides complete proactive management so the client can focus on their own priorities and not expend time and effort on technology issues.


The cost of the service for FY13/14 is $73 per user per month. Greater scale and new technologies have created efficiencies which have allowed the cost to fall from $90 in FY12 and $136 in earlier years. The $73 amount is still subsidized by the AVC for IT, but as more and more departments and groups begin using the DDS service, the goal is to no longer need that subsidy and eventually gain enough efficiency to drop the monthly cost below the $73 threshold.

Who can get it

Dedicated Desktop Support is available to any department and is customized to fit their specific needs.

How to get it

Contact David Cavalieri to discuss how Dedicated Desktop Support can be tailored to meet your department's needs.

Training & Consulting

Dedicated Desktop Support will provide individual training on software changes or operating system upgrades. They will also work with the OIT Training team to facilitate department-wide training.

Dedicated Desktop Support will also consult on hardware and software upgrades, utilizing other OIT services or on other topics related to personal computing technologies.


There are roughly 2000 campus machines/people that are being served by Dedicated Desktop Support service, mainly in the executive and administrative areas. Approximately 75% of those DDS supports are on a PC, 25% are on a Mac.

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