Shared Infrastructure Services - Server/Client Support Services

Last Updated: 06/26/2014

Microsoft Full Support Services

This contract service provides for proper functionality of the tools and network services necessary for productive use of distributed computers and workstations. Examples include file servers, application servers, database servers, web servers, email services, cluster computing, etc.

Services include:

  • Initial OS installation and ongoing OS maintenance and management
  • OS patches/bug fixes (if available)
  • OS upgrades
  • Installation of third party application software packages
  • Automatic updates of our precompiled common application software packages
  • Automatic distribution of network file updates
  • Account management
  • Continuous system monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery-Backup/Restore
  • End user technical support (phone/e-mail/walk-in)

More about Full Support for Windows and Unix/Linux

If you contract for Full Support, you must provide a single point of contact for your system for technical and policy questions. We will accept calls or trouble mail from any user of the system, however we cannot provide end user training.

The subscriber is expected to purchase licenses for their Operating System and application software, so that we may legally keep you running a current version of your vendor's OS. OIT Site Licensing sells OS and application licenses for most major architectures, by offering yearly vendor software maintenance contracts. Shared Infrastructure Services (formerly known as Managed Services) offers a Redhat Linux site license to the campus community at no additional charge.

Data backups are considered mandatory for Full Support service. The customer will either provide their own backup hardware and manage a dump system themselves, or purchase this service from SIS, or contract with SIS to manage their own backup hardware. IT management is pointless if your data can disappear irretrievably at any moment.

A subscriber must contract for a minimum of 6 months of Full Support service. If a subscriber is not able to commit to a at least 6 months, then that subscriber should consider a "One Time Localization" or Time & Materials Consulting Services offered through our Time and Materials Support.