Shared Infrastructure Services - Other Services

Last Updated: 11/20/2013

Network Management Services

Shared Infrastructure Services manages essential campus network databases, including "addhost" and "uniquid". The addhost database contains the master list of allocated IP addresses in the domain and also provides information on every host such as machine type, physical location, and contact information. Shared Infrastructure Services creates the master host table and DNS records for the domain from this information in the addhost database.

The uniquid database maintains unique UIDs for all users across campus and maintains a list of host accounts that are associated with that particular UID. The uniquid database also enables the use of campus mailhomes and first.last email addressing. The information in these databases has become increasingly important as the demand for networked computing on campus continues to grow.

Time and Materials Support

Shared Infrastructure Services will install any essential network services or operating system software for users on an hourly fee basis. This service has a lower priority than services to contract customers and can be provided only as opportunities permit. For our current hourly fee please see pricing.

One-Time Localization

Shared Infrastructure Services offers initial setup of new machines for a one-time flat fee. This service includes OS installation, configuration of all network services, and security hardens to meet UCB IT security's standards on your system. We will also install any software packages you provide us at that time. For an additional per-package fee, you may opt to have any of our precompiled application software packages installed on your system as well. See pricing.

Backup Support

Copies of information regularly stored on the subscriber's computing system's fixed media disk(s) are made nightly to a backup medium to avoid loss of data in the event of a hardware or software failure. Monthly snapshots of UNIX backups are retained on tape for 12 months for the subscriber's benefit. Windows backups are considered disaster recovery only, and no archival data retention is offered for the Windows platform. Backup charges do not include the cost of the storage media (currently SuperDLT). Essentially, this means the media itself remains the property of Shared Infrastructure Services unless the subscriber would like to purchase the backup tapes from us.

Prices are based on the amount of data (in gigabytes) to be backed up.

Purchasing Recommendations

Shared Infrastructure Services offers consulting for computing hardware acquisitions free to our contract customers. Consulting, research, and vendor negotiation for non-contract customers would be billed at our hourly rate. Shared Infrastructure Services can take delivery and assemble new hardware if the customer would prefer.

UniqUID Compliance

Shared Infrastructure Services can assist members of the campus IT community who are not in complete compliance with OIT policies to become so.