Shared Infrastructure Services - Hosting Services

Last Updated: 11/20/2013

Website Hosting

Shared Infrastructure Services offers Web Site hosting on our equipment for a flat fee of $50 per month. This service exists on redundant Red Hat Linux front-end servers running Apache and PHP, with a backend database server running MySQL. This price allows a quota of 4 gigabytes of disk storage on both the front and back end machines. Customer web sites and databases are backed up daily at no additional cost.

This service is appropriate for departments that wish to make use of dynamic content on their site, or departments using a vanity domain ( URL.

If you are running a Content Management Sytem (CMS) please review our policies.

Windows File Hosting

This service provides secure, reliable file storage for users of Microsoft Windows workstations. The service is priced depending on the amount of storage per month. Pricing is as follows:

Monthly Charges for File Hosting

Service Specifications
Up to 10GB $10/month
Up to 25GB $13/month
Up to 50GB $25/month
Up to 75GB $38/month
Up to 100GB $50/month
Up to 200GB $100/month
Up to 300GB $150/month
Up to 500GB $250/month
Up to 600GB $300/month
Up to 700GB $350/month
Up to 800GB $400/month
Up to 900GB $450/month
Up to 1000GB $500/month
Up to 1500GB $570/month
Up to 2000GB $1000/month

This service utilizes redundant hardware for reliability, and customer data is backed up daily to an off-site location for added protection.

This service is ideal for smaller workgroups that do not have extensive data storage requirements. Groups with storage needs over 100GB should consider contracting with MS&C to support a dedicated file server for the department, college, or program.

Advantages of Hosted Services:

  • Customer can acquire only the service(s) they need
    • Service is flexible and scalable
    • Costs are predictable; unbudgeted expenses are eliminated
    • Customer does not need to invest any additional money in hardware or maintenence costs
  • Application Service Provider owns the systems and operates the service
    • Sharp reduction in IT expenditures and IT risk since not owning/operating the service
  • Hosted services are backed by a team of IT professionals
    • Elevated service levels
    • Improved security
    • Extended monitoring and response capability
  • Economies of scale cost advantages