Shared Infrastructure Services - Pricing

Last Updated: 11/20/2013

Prices for SIS contract services

Service Monthly Rates One-time Charges
One-time server build, localization and security hardening N/A $600
UNIX/Linux stand-alone or server administration $250/month $500
UNIX/Linux dataless client administration $35/month N/A
Linux High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) turnkey solutions Contact us for pricing Contact us for pricing
Network gateway administration $300/month $500
Backup system management (your equipment) $150/month $500
Windows stand-alone or server administration $450/month $600
Web Hosting on our equipment (includes backup) $50/month $100
File Hosting on our equipment (includes backup) $.50/GB/month N/A
SuperDLT tapes N/A $60
Server colocation in our data center $50/month (up to 2 rack mount machines) $200
Virtual Server Services See Virtual Server Page See Virtual Server Page


Windows backup rates:

Monthly Charges for Backups
Up to 100 GB $50/month flat rate
100 GB to 1000 GB $.50 per GB/month
1001 GB and above $.25 per GB/month

These charges are for disk-to-disk backups. Users who require disk-to-tape or users who have longer retention requirements than 2 weeks should contact us for pricing. (Note: there is a yearly license fee of $320.00 per machine).

Solaris, RedHat, or other Unix variant rates:

Charges are a flat rate of $1 per gigabyte per month regardless of partition type or content. Backups charges do not include the cost of the storage media (currently SuperDLT). This means the media remains the property of MS&C.


Restores are performed free-of-charge unless we provide disk-to-tape backups for your environment. If we do, and a restore from tape is required, it is priced at $50/per hour minimum 2 hours.

Time and Materials Consulting Support

Work is charged at a rate of $100/hr, with a minimum of one hour. Please see chart above for our one-time installation and localization fee for new hardware. Any additional software packages you may opt for are additional cost.

If you have any questions or would like to subscribe for service please contact IT Service Center.